14 February 2011

ForPPTI Networking and ForPPTI North and Middle Sulawesi Areas

Networking of Christian University Libraries and Theological Seminary Libraries in Indonesia

At the end of 2010 at Pelita Harapan University, Executive Committee of Forum of Theological Librarian and Library in Indonesia (ForPPTI) attended a meeting of Forum Comunication of Christian University Libraries (Forkom Perpustakaan BK-PTKI) to expanded networking to develop theological seminary libraries also skill of the librarians.

The agenda of the meeting included the following:
1.Librarians skill advocate
2.Publication of a directory
3.Forkom Organization
4.Sharing of the participant
5.Networking with ForPPTI

The result of the networking to ForPPTI included the following:
1.Membership and executive committee of Forkom BK-PTKI is open to ForPPTI members
2.Networking for local short-term courses and workshops
3.Networking to develop library automation
4.Networking for scholarship

The meeting was concluded with announce that Nomensen University will held the next meeting. Due appreciation were given to Forkom BK-PTKI for the cooperation.

Activity of ForPPTI North and Middle Sulawesi Areas

Following the program of Forum of Theological Librarian and Library in Indonesia (ForPPTI), ForPPTI North and Middle Sulawesi areas was held a seminar and workshop of management library at Gran Central Hotel in Manado during on 26-28 January 2011. The seminar and workshop had 2 resource persons and 18 participants from 12 seminaries and 2 theological programs from Christian University. The event were the first program for theological librarian in this area and support by Mission Board from Netherlands and Foundation for Theological Education in South East Asia (FTESEA).
The seminar and workshop was concluded with elected the new local excom and note some program as follow:
1. Launching a blog:
2. Publication newsletter;
3. Collaboration among institutions offering courses in theological librarianship;
4. Regional or local short-term courses and workshops; and
5. Expanded networking with national library associations.

http:// http://forppti.blogspot.com

Hilda Putong
Indonesia Area Representative


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