21 July 2010

Seminar and Workshop of Theological Librarian in Indonesia

Facing of Indonesian regulations and library standard toward 2012 national accreditation for university and seminary., Forum of Theological Librarian and Library in Indonesia (ForPPTI) make a seminar and workshop of theological librarian in Indonesia. The seminar and workshop was held at Bethel Seminary, Jakarta, during June, 23-24, 2009, under the theme “Professionalism of Indonesia theological librarian”. The seminar and workshop were the first program for theological librarian in Indonesia at national level.

The seminar and workshop had six resource persons and 85 participants from 53 seminaries coming from different place all over Indonesia:fourty five participants from Jakarta, Bekasi, and Tangerang, nine from West Java, nine from Middle Java, eight from East Java, three from North Sumatera, one from Batam, four from South Sulawesi, one from Middle Sulawesi, one from North Sulawesi, two from Maluku, and three from Kalimantan. Only Papua and Timor were not represented. The event support by Foundation for Theological Education in South East Asia (FTESEA), Forum of Asia Theological Librarian (ForATL), JUREWITZ from Netherlands, and Association of Indonesian Theological Seminaries (PERSETIA), also some personals support in Jakarta.

Resource Persons and topics addressed:

1. Seminar

a. Abdul Rahman (Information Technology for Library Program of IPB Postgraduate),

- Library implementation in University, coping the era of information technology.

b. Lucya Dhamayanti (National Library of Indonesia),

- Library as a learning resource centre toward a world class university library.

c. Adi Wibowo (Petra Christian University)

- Overview of library automation and library software.

d. Hilda V. Putong (Indonesia Area Representative Theological Librarian) and Ermy Gah (Librarian of Bethel Seminary),

- Overview of theological association and library and forum of librarians in Indonesia and at international level.

2. Training Workshops

a. Workshop: Processing of library material by Sulistyo Basuki (Indonesia University) and

Hilda V. Putong.

Major issues discussed:

1. Library management, Indonesian regulations and library standard toward 2012 National accreditation for university and seminary.

2. Formal and informal library education for theological librarian.

3. Advanced courses in theological librarianship.

4. The need for active collaboration between theological librarians, university librarians, and principal of theological seminaries to develop theological library to meet the university standard of a library.

5. Processing library material.

6. Training on library software.

7. Networking of theological libraries through exchange, partnerships and publications – nationally, regionally and with support of ecumenical associations.


Some impressions and concerns were emerged as follows:

1. Participants were enthusiastic to attend the librarian seminar and workshop.

2. The materials were improved their skills and relevant to their respective library.

3. Participants met colleagues from other theological institutions from all over Indonesia and shared their experiences and expanded their network.

4. Participants founded the Indonesian librarian forum (ForPPTI), and elected its executive committee.

6. Participants suggested to continue programs and network with other related associations to improve their skills and developed their library.

ForPPTI Excom, Periode 2010 – 2014 (http://blogspot.com)

Convenor: Rev. Ermy Gah, Bethel Seminary, Jakarta

Secretary: Rev. Elfian Sumendap, Tiranus Bible Seminary, Bandung

Treasurer: Bayu Gunawan, Institut Theologia Aletheia, Lawang

Area Representative :

  1. Jakarta, Tangerang and Bekasi (JABODETABEK)

Coordinator : Pdt. Ermy Gah, Bethel Seminary, Jakarta

Associate : Toni Afandi, Amanat Agung Theological Seminary

  1. West Java

Coordinator : Rev. Elfian Sumendap, Institut Alkitab Tiranus, Bandung

Associate : Desiana Nainggolan, Bandung Theological Seminary

  1. Midde Java and D.I. Yogyakarta

Coordinator : Agus Abusiri, Sangkakala Theological Seminary, Salatiga

Associate : Yaudi Santos Santoso, Soteria Theological Seminary, Purwokerto

  1. East Java and Bali

Coordinator : Bayu Gunawan, Institut Theologia Aletheia, Lawang

Associate : Haryono Susilo, Asia Tenggara Bible School, Malang

  1. North Sumatera

Coordinator : Rev Wilda Simanjuntak, HKBP Pematangsiantar Theological Seminary

Associate : Maria Ika Nova Tarigan Abdi Sabda Theological Seminary

  1. Kalimantan

Coordinator : Freden Ansang, GKE Banjarmasin Theological Seminary

Associate : Orles Yonatan, Kalimantan Theological Seminary, Pontianak

  1. Middle and North Sulawesi

Coordinator : Since Loissa Pariama, Bala Keselamatan Theological

Seminary, Palu

Associate : Roy Marthen Langoy, Christin University in Tomohon

  1. Papua : (to be appointed)

Advisor :

1. Hilda V. Putong, Area Representative of Theological Librarians in Indonesia

from Forum of Asian Theological Librarian

2. Association of Indonesian Theological Seminaries (to be appointed)

Reported by Hilda V. Putong